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Amateur adult flute student - studying with private lessons, playing in flute choirs
and/or symphonic and jazz ensembles @ CSM and NDNU's Camerata

Passionate about cleaning up the environment trom toxic petrochemicals
supporting Pesticide Action Network, and Breast Cancer Action
the only org that doesn't accept money from anyone or any corporation who profits in the
diagnosis or treatment of breast cancer
Ban Leaf Blowers - they spread fecal matter and pollution and rakes do a better job.
Volunteer and leader in Dr. Abraham Low's self-help method of Recovery International
for mental health - finding peace through managing tempers and reducing symptoms.
Former member of Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

Doppler's Andante & Rondo Opus 25, oops, a few imperfections, but fun none the less!

retired Faculty, Foothill College
Computer Multimedia, Graphic and Web Design (Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver)

retired Faculty, California State University, East Bay (CSU Hayward)
Graduate School of Education, Masters Program, Online Teaching & Learning

retired Foothill Global Access, The SOFIA Project Initiative - Sharing Of Free Intellectual Assets
Open-Source Courses for a Global Audience, Los Altos Hills, CA
Lead Instructional Designer and ETUDES CMS Instructor

Andrew Kislik & Marcia Ganeles xo

Mamaglee Ganeles

More Photos below, but in the meantime, click on the image below if you want to see my story
about my participation and graduation in the Sound, Voice, & Music in the Healing ArtsProgram
@ the California Institute of Integral Studies, June 2008

(since this was created for a CD, and not web, and there's a lot of video and sound,
it might take a long time to load...but try it, it's fun, and in Flash, so it's streaming media)

Marcia Ganeles, Marcia Patrice Ganeles Kislik

the eco nest


Marcia, Andy, and Emily Kislik

kislik sweet16

Emily, Andy, Marcia - at Emily's Sweet 16


Andrew, almost 50

marcia and andy

looking good in lipstick Andy - at the NC Dance Weekend in the mountains

flute marcia

jamming at the Vestibule with CIIS cohorts in the SVMH certificate program

marcia flute
fluting december 2005